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Go Beyond Global Borders and Cultural Barriers

We serve Japanese global organizations in the U.S. at various levels

For Japanese Global Organizations

  • Improve communication
  • Cultivate high-trust culture
  • Grow local team
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve quality and performance

For Local Teams

  • Build effective leaders to lead and manage local teams
  • Cultivate high-trust culture
  • Achieve business metrics and goals

For Japanese Expats

  • Increase understanding and effectiveness of working with Japanese
  • Overcome the tension and misunderstandings from cultural differences

Services Offered

Executive and team coaching

Workshops and trainings

On-demand trainings

People assessments

Presentation development

Meeting facilitation

Strategic planning & Executive retreats


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About Michiki Morgan Worldwide

We are experts in developing leaders and teams that can work effectively beyond global borders and cultural barriers. We teach Japanese global companies/teams/expats how to develop Co-created Culture and Leadership to succeed in the global market.

Our clients call us:

  • When the Japanese expats are facing challenges managing the local team
  • When HR hears the local employees are not happy with Japanese expats’ leadership or management style
  • When a non-Japanese executive in a Japanese company wants to increase their cultural awareness and perform at a higher level
  • When the multicultural team is feeling tension within the team and is in urgent need to improve performance
  • When the Japanese company has newly acquired or integrated an American company and wants to build a cohesive culture

Why our clients choose us:

  • Bilingual services in English and Japanese
  • Unmatched experience and expertise with deep understanding of learning differences among different cultures
  • Highly experienced team each averaging 20+ years
  • Thorough new client onboarding process to ensure the program is fully tailored to your needs
  • Proprietary client communication methodology that identifies problems early on and immediately addresses issues that may arise

Nozomi Morgan, CEO

Nozomi Morgan leads a team of experts in developing global leaders. Her team helps organizations develop Co-created Culture which she believes is the foundation for individuals and organizations to fulfill their purpose in this world.  

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